Virtual Career Fair How To’s One downside to virtual career fairs  is the lack of fun company stressballs, pens, and mints.  Fortunately, there's an upside: you can wear your PJ's. Last week we posted that we are hosting a virtual career fair for GU alums interested in connecting with startups and small businesses.  According to Market Research Media, the virtual … Continue reading Virtual Career Fair How To’s

Apps We Love… For Work

Evernote - We're still exploring this newly discovered app.  It allows you to create to-do lists, capture ideas, store meeting notes, store photos and then sync them and find them anywhere - tablet, phone, or computer - via a powerful search tool that even searches words in photos.  You can store documents, design and manage … Continue reading Apps We Love… For Work

Top 5 Tips for Managing Up

Managing up is an important part of your professional career and if you master it quickly you'll spend more time on the content of your work than on managing your boss.  Think of it as honing your emotional intelligence in the workplace. Try these 5 tips for making yourself indispensable to your boss. 1. Promise … Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Managing Up

Top Dog: Gender Differences In Competition

New York Times bestseller and award winning journalist Ashley Merryman (L'98) came back to the Hilltop this week to speak to a group of 100 alums about her new book Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing.  After presenting a webinar for us in the spring on the topic, we found that many (many!) … Continue reading Top Dog: Gender Differences In Competition

What We Are Reading

Bridget Holmes, Senior Director, Career Initiatives: A Year Without Pants: WordPress & The Future of Work I'm just diving in to this newly released book and am already intrigued. Who can even fathom work without email? It may become a thing of the past, according to author Scott Belkum.  This book offers a behind-the-scenes look … Continue reading What We Are Reading

Things We Love… At Work

Say Thank You... Sometimes we forget the power of a simple thank you note.  They aren't just for interviews or gifts either. Thank you notes can be powerful tools when networking.  If you've had a great conversation with someone, they have provided you with some sage advice, connected you with colleagues, or sent business your … Continue reading Things We Love… At Work

Professional Summaries: Make It Count

The dreaded professional summary.  A good one is the Holy Grail of resume writing.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've seen a ton of resumes.  And I've seen very few with really strong professional summaries.  My philosophy is if it's not stellar, why waste the space?  Professional summaries that focus on fluff or soft … Continue reading Professional Summaries: Make It Count

Job Posting Site Roundup

There are a million job search and job posting websites out there... I have found that I continually recommend a few to people depending on their interest areas. Here they are: GU Alumni Job Postings- General - Higher Education - Non Profit - Publishing - Journalism - Philanthropy - Local … Continue reading Job Posting Site Roundup