Top 7 Tips for Getting Ahead During the Holidays

The holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone. There is lots to do but the overwhelming desire to check out at work until the new year can be overwhelming.  Here is some career advice for the holiday season – whether you are job searching or just looking to get ahead.

1.  End the year with a bang. When everyone else is just passing the time until the holiday, you can take the opportunity to make a big impact in the office.

2.  Holiday parties make for great networking.  Yes, the office holiday party can definitely help you make connections across the organization, but personal holiday parties can also be a great time to network and meet new people.

3.  Send holiday cards.  Holiday cards are a great way to reconnect with former colleagues, business contacts, and old friends.  Keep your network up by staying in touch.

4.  Don’t stall your search.  Most people assume that hiring stops during the holidays so they back off their search.  In some cases, things in your search may slow a bit but don’t let that stop you!  Make yourself stand out by continuing to pursue opportunities.

5. Make some new years career resolutions.  What are a few things you want to change or do differently at work next year?  Do you want to be more organized? Start a new initiative? Improve your customer service skills? Studies show writing down your resolutions make them more likely to happen.

6. Put on your 0ut-of-office.  People won’t expect an immediate response if you have your out-of-office notification on your phone and email.  You can also include any important year end information.

7. Rejuvenate. Take time to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. Life is a marathon not a sprint -use the holiday to recharge so you can get back to work ready to take on 2014.

Happy holidays, Hoyas! We look forward to hearing from you in 2014! 

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