Things We Love Around the Office

The first full work week of 2014 is almost over.  With holiday festivities behind us, we find ourselves crying trying to get excited about the little things that make the work day more enjoyable or productive.  Here are our Top 5 for January:

photo 3 (2)


Receiving upgraded office technology is like waking up on Christmas morning as a 7-year-old.   My sleek new phone now allows me to check my call history, plug-in a headset, and feel confident that people on the other end of the line can hear me! Exciting stuff – feel free to call me next time you have a question, beacuse I sure do enjoy talking on my new phone.

photo 3 

Sugar & Carbs

There’s nothing like free baked goods to boost workplace morale (or subsitute for that lunch you were too cold busy to grab)! We especially love these treats since they were made by Dog Tag Bakery, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing wounded veterans and their spouses with education and job opportunities.  Drop some hints around your office by sending your coworkers to

photo 2 

Useful Schwag

We ordered these cloths for our amazing alumni volunteers, and we have to admit, they come in handy. Dirty iPad, phone, glasses, or computer screen?  No worries; the ACS cleaning cloth will get rid of the mightiest smudges so that you can get back to reading that email, chatting with a loved one, or tuning in to a webinar!

NOTE: You will receive one of these if you attend one of our events.  Something to think about…

photo 1 (2) 

Sharpie Pens

For the professional that wants some color (try 6 different ones!) on their notepad and/or needs help organizing their to-do list.  We swear they also make your handwriting look better.

photo 1 

Natural Light

We feel extremely lucky to work in an environment in which we can feel fresh air or sunlight at any time – a rare thing in most office buildings!  It honestly makes a huge difference in the work happiness factor, and I can lure my cubicle colleagues to meetings in my office.

What items brighten your day at the office?  We would love to know!


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