What We’re Reading This Week

Happy Friday!  We hope you enjoy some of the articles we’ve been perusing this week:

The Case for Mission Driven Business

Favorite quote: The 2006 Cone Millennial Cause Study, for example, found that 69 percent of Americans consider a company’s social/environmental commitment when deciding where to shop, and 89 percent are likely or very likely to switch from one brand to another—price and quality being equal—if the competing brand is associated with a good cause. Over the past decade, socially responsible investing has risen more than 258 percent, according to the Social Investment Forum.

Death to Powerpoint: How to Speak Like a Pro Without the Slides: Ironic, I know, since we use Powerpoint for our webinars (we have to!).  That being said, I do believe that in office environments where in-person meetings fill up so much of the day, people’s disdain for Powerpoint presentations is growing.  This article encourages speakers to focus on their personal presentation (tone, body language, the words coming out of your mouth) instead of leaning on what the slide show portrays.

Favorite quote: ‘Human beings aren’t good multi-taskers. “Showing people slides demands that an audience multi-task,” Morgan says. By asking them to read what’s on the slide and trying to take the speaker’s message,” it actually interferes with retention of the important kind of information we really need to get from a speech.”‘

“Choose to Lead – Lessons from the Cubicle to the Boardroom” : A Discussion with Kathleen McLean (CIO of ADT): Kathleen McLean highlights her discussion on rising up the ranks with the GU Women in Leadership group.

Favorite quote: “As I moved up the ranks and led increasingly bigger teams and transformational projects, the rewards but also the scope, obstacles and risks grew as well.  This is when I learned that I didn’t have to know everything, I couldn’t possibly know everything and I needed to leverage the collective wisdom and power of the people on my team.”

The Rise of Invisible Work: On the Sharing Economy and how it is changing the employment landscape – potentially in a more positive way than you may think.

Favorite quote: ‘“It’s like an invisible economy,” says Molly Turner, Airbnb’s director of public policy. And companies inside it need to get real sophisticated, real fast in figuring out how to measure this invisible economy, she says, because for many people this looks like an important part of the future of work. It could even be a big component in our understanding of why America’s jobs numbers look so lethargic.’

How to Do Less: A Short Guide: A wonderful reminder (in a time when most people are being pulled in 80 directions) to savor each moment in your life.  You will reap the rewards if you practice mindfulness and avoid over scheduling yourself.

Favorite quote: “Think of yourself as a collector. Each day is limited, our lives are limited, and we can try to cram as many things as we possibly can into these containers, or we can collect just the experiences worthy of being in these limited days.”

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