What We’re Reading This Week

FastCompany: Why Mindfulness is the Antidote to Multitasking

Quotable: “Multitasking is like watching a cable news channel: you’ve got one or more pundits yapping at the same time as you are dealing with the infinite scroll of sports scores and breaking news headlines. While you’re being hit with much more “information” at once, you retain less–since you can’t filter out what you need to pay attention to from what you should neglect.”

FastCompany: 6 Ways to Use Less Energy to Get More Done

Quotable: “If the workday is a marathon, 3 p.m. might be that 20-mile mark when you hit your wall–the six-mile stretch that marathon runners claim feels like hell.”

Forbes: Ten Ways Companies Drive Away Talent

Quotable: “Most employers, sad to say, do a better job of driving talented people away than reeling them in, both during the selection process and after the talented person comes on board as a new employee.”

Via @LisaDavisCIO Colleges Need to Do a Better Job of Career Development

Quotable: “Colleges need to help students transform what they learn into marketable skills that businesses cherish.”

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