ACS Goes to CASE

This past Monday and Tuesday my colleague Whitney Pezza (who you may know as the Hoya Gateway program manager) and I were fortunate enough to attend the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District II conference in Baltimore. CASE is “a professional association serving educational institutions and the advancement professionals who work on their behalf in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and allied areas.” The District II conference is designed to bring together universities and independent schools from New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Ontario, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and West Virginia.  Throughout the two day summit, participants have access to a variety of sessions where best practices and programming ideas are shared.

What I love about CASE is how it displays the true spirit of education.  Each participant is there to both learn and teach, and there are no boundaries to what success secrets people are willing to share.  Whereas a business leader may want to hold his cards close to the proverbial vest, professionals in Higher Education are encouraged to share tips as though they are consultants for other universities. Since many universities have only a small staff dedicated to Alumni Relations and Career Services, is wonderful to step outside of our team and recognize the larger Higher Ed community that we are a part of.  Together we seek to have a positive influence over the way alumni connect with their alma maters and fellow graduates.

Our experience was enhanced by the fact that we also were asked to present on the virtual services we provide in our office.  Naturally we loved representing Georgetown and explaining what we do to try and serve a wide reach of alumni using limited resources.  Our goal was to show our colleagues in Higher Ed that they must begin to place more stock in serving alumni through career related programming outside of a traditional counseling session.

We were reminded of the uniqueness of our office setting and our fantastic alumni, and we left the conference feeling extremely grateful to be serving under the Hoya mission.

 ImageGeorgetown staff members from Development and Alumni Career Services at CASE.

ImageBeautiful view from the Baltimore Marriott!

ImageAttending the Accolades Reception where Hoya Gateway was honored in the “Best Practices in Alumni Relations” category.

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