What We’re Reading This Week

How to Weigh the Benefits of Job Hopping
It used to be considered a mark of loyalty to stay with one employer until you retire. In today’s business environment nobody expects you to work in one position for 10 years, but that doesn’t mean you should change jobs after every six months. [FastCompany]

Why Google Wants New Hires Who are Humble & Argue
Sounding at least at little bit like a Jedi master, Bock says that if you don’t have humility–intellectual humility, to be specific–then you’ll never be able to learn. But the problem with people attracted to the Googles of the world is that they’re probably insanely successful; Friedman says that “many graduates from hotshot business schools plateau.” Since they rarely get the experience of failure, they don’t know what to do with it. [FastCompany]

Recline. Don’t Lean In. (Why I Hate Sheryl Sandberg)
Long ago, before Sandberg’s book “Lean In” convinced me to change my ways, I had a life. I had friends, family, children. I had hobbies. I had a job, too, of course, but I also took occasional vacations, knocked off work at a sensible hour and got eight hours of sleep each night. Then I read “Lean In” and realized that I was self-sabotaging slacker. [Washington Post]

22 Secrets LinkedIn Won’t Tell You
With this checklist in hand, you can make your LinkedIn profile your best personal branding tool. These little-known, often-overlooked and seemingly counterintuitive tips deliver big results with minimal effort. [Forbes]


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