GU@SXSW: In Photos

Georgetown had a distinctive presences at SXSW this year! Whitney Pezza, Associate Director of Alumni Career Services moved her office to Austin that week and met a ton of Hoyas along the way. Here are a few highlights.

SXSW 3 (2)

On Wednesday evening (3/5), Provost Robert Groves, CIO Lisa Davis, and Vice Provost Randall Bass met with alumni at Hoya-owned restaurant La Condesa in downtown Austin to share some remarks from their panel earlier in the day on Designing the Future(s) of the University. 


On Friday afternoon, alumni met with Randy Bass at the first ever co-working space in Austin, Conjunctured, to participate in a Design Lab, an exercise in unbundling higher education and taking a close look into where education ends and begins. For example, does it start in high school and you can take credits towards your degree so in 4 years on campus you wind up with a BA/MA? Or is it less traditional? There was also discussion about alumni life-long learners, and integrating more technology into the classroom and using it so we can see where a student’s mastery is and isn’t.


  • On Saturday, alumni met at Little Woodrow’s on 6th Street to hang out and watch the Hoyas play against Villanova, which was a welcome respite against the rain and constant action happening at SXSW.

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