What We’re Reading This Week

Fixing This One Big Problem Helped Turn Around Struggling Furniture Retailer West Elm
I always find stories about how companies reinvent themselves fascinating and, while we may not all be CEO’s, there are definitely lessons about thinking outside the box, reexamining strategy, and creating opportunity where there were once obstacles.

The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Design
More corporate companies that inspire with their innovation and creativity: Nest, Dyson, Warby Parker, and more. This will inspire you to rethink your work and invest in your personal and professional brand.

How You Will Find Your Next Job on Twitter
140 characters of relationship building, access, and expertise sharing. If you find your next job on Twitter we want to know!

Is Gossip Holding Back Your Employee Engagement Efforts?
Gossip: it’s not just for high schoolers anymore. Is your staff spending more time talking about each other than to each other?  It may be time for a “culture reboot.”

12 Habits of Highly Productive People
Highly effective people are conscientious but not not too conscientious, just anxious enough to fuel their fire, and they don’t get wrapped up in being productive.  The CEO of Zappo’s handles yesterday’s emails today. Who knew?

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