Notes on Evernote


I’m testing out a new method to organize the chaos that is my desk.  As you saw in a recent post, the ACS team is using Wunderlist to keep track of both our work and personal to-do’s via individual and shared lists.  The ease and simplicity of that platform is perfect for tracking tasks and even sub-tasks but doesn’t really help me with the million and one notepads, notebooks, and papers strewn across my desk.

Enter Evernote.  

What is Evernote? Evernote apps and web-based products allow you to easily collect and find everything that matters – notes, business cards, etc, are all accessible across all of your devices – phone, tablet, computer. There are free, premium, and business versions and multiple apps that make up the the Evernote family that we will discuss in this ongoing blog series.

Disclaimer: I’ve only been really using it for a week or two and I’m just starting to uncover all it has to offer, which, to be honest, can be kind of confusing and enlightening at the same time. Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

evernote pen

1.  The Jot Script Evernote edition stylus.  I’m still getting used to it. At $  74.99 it’s pretty pricey but after some basic research it seemed to offer a smaller tip for writing that I thought would be useful.  My intention is to transition to taking notes in meetings using the stylus on my ipad. It takes a bit of getting used to though – I find that you have to write larger than you may normally and notes look a bit messier. NOTE:  And here is where I got confused.  You need to use a separate app for writing called Penultimate.  Once you take your notes you sync it to Evernote.  Still figuring that part out.

evernote moleskin

2.The Evernote notebooks by Moleskin. They enable you to easily take photos of your notes and upload them into your digital Evernote notebooks.  They come with stickers that enable you to tag your notes as well as 3 months worth of premium Evernote.  I’m still understanding whether the Evernote version is REALLY necessary/easier to photograph as opposed to other/regular notebooks.

3.  You can photograph business cards to keep track of your network.  Instead of having a million business cards sitting on your desk, photograph and file them in your Evernote account.  Seems like a great way to make business cards more actionable!  Bonus tip:  jot a few notes before you take a photo of it to remind yourself about your connection with that person.

4.  You can use Evernote to go paperless.  I’ve been taking notes either in my Evernote moleskin notebook or on a meeting’s particular agenda, photographing it and uploading into my Evernote digital notebook. So far so good.  Apparently your notebooks (even handwritten notes) are supposed to be searchable by keyword but I haven’t gotten quite that far yet.  I organize my digital notebooks by particular project areas to keep track of historic documents and notes meeting to meeting.

So far I’m probably just scratching the surface of what Evernote has to offer and I’ll keep you posted as I learn more. Have any Evernote tips?  We want to know!


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