Meet Julian de la Paz (C’15), Future Talk Show Host and Mentor

This fall, the University launched “Georgetown Stories,” a multi-media, first-person, “vlog” (video blog) that will follow 11 undergraduate students throughout the academic year as their Georgetown stories unfold.  Each student’s story will be told through a series of videos, still photography, emails and social media posts with the goal of more intimately connecting everyone in the Georgetown community (both on and off of the Hilltop).  In a series of blog posts this year, ACS student intern Khadijah M. Davis (N’15) will be sharing these stories through the Alumni Career Services lens.

Julian de la Paz (F’15) is a culture and politics major, aspiring talk show host and all around breath of fresh air from El Paso Texas.

On campus, Julian serves as a board member on the GU Program Board, co-host and producer of a radio show on WGTB and television show on GUTV and a former intern at Late Night with Seth Meyers. After getting his start in entertainment by hosting Georgetown Program Board’s Spring Fashion Show and the Mr. Georgetown Pageant for the past three years, Julian hopes to one day become a talk show host and use his platform “to entertain my audience and highlight inspirational stories that may otherwise not receive much attention.”

The Georgetown Scholarship Program

For Julian, mentorship has been a key part in his success as a student. As a member of the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP), he was provided an invaluable source of mentors, sponsors and role models within the Georgetown community. Founded in 2004, GSP provides both financial aid and programmatic support for over 1,000 students through the combined efforts of alumni, parents and friends of Georgetown who are committed to providing resources to deserving students.

“Through my involvement with the program, I have met the most wonderful people who have served as a constant source of motivation and encouragement during my time at Georgetown,” says Julian. “I immediately think of Missy Foy (C’03), the director of the program, Christine Pfeil (C’10, MBA’16), the assistant director of GSP, and Susan Walsh (C’82) and Cristina McGinniss (N’73) – two incredible alumni mentors. GSP has become a second family to me here at Georgetown, and I plan to continue my involvement with the program post-graduation as a mentor and eventual donor.”

Mentors Inside the Classroom

Mentorship is also readily available outside of the GSP. When seeking out great mentors, Julian has found that anyone, from upperclassmen to professors, can offer great advice for major life decisions.

“During my first two years at Georgetown, I always looked towards my upperclassmen mentors for advice and direction on major life decisions. They were always quick to provide assistance and direct me towards others when they didn’t have an answer to my question. In addition, I have always utilized my professors as mentors and positive role models. Inside the classroom, they are experts in their field who impart knowledge on their students, and outside the classroom, they are mentors who are always ready and willing to be of assistance.”

Being a Mentor for Others

Julian’s experience with GSP has made him adamant about being a mentor for others during his time at Georgetown. “In the same way I have found mentors who are ready and willing to provide assistance, I have always placed myself in a position to help others.” He currently serves as a GSP Achieve Advisor. Through the initiative, upperclassmen students volunteer their time to help underclassmen navigate the internship and job search with resume and cover letter review, interview preparation and career advice during weekly office hours.

Post-graduation, Julian recognizes the importance of having mentors and sponsors in the entertainment and media field. “It isn’t as clear-cut in its path as others such as law or medicine. I am going off into the unknown in pursuit of my dream, so I would love to have someone by my side to offer their guidance and wise words of wisdom.”

Learn more about Georgetown Stories at and share your own Georgetown story #georgetownstories.  

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