Is a Startup Right For You? Guest Post by Connie Wong, Co-Founder of Lynxsy

Highlighting our recent webinar, “Look Before You Leap: The Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Joining a Startup”

This week I’ve been asked to blog about an informative webinar by the Georgetown Alumni Career Services that examines the soul-searching you need to do before you enter the startup world.

Associate Director Sarah Hay hosted the one hour webinar, with two prominent Georgetown alums and former baseball teammates as featured guests: Joey Graziano and Parker Brooks. Graziano serves as General Counsel & Director of Talent at The Headfirst Companies. Brooks is C.O.O. of a private investment vehicle in New York City that he launched with a business partner in March of 2014. The pair each forged their way into startup success and took time from their thriving businesses to share their stories and insider advice.

Graziano and Brooks began the presentation by laying out what they call “The Big 5”—core questions they deem necessary to meditate on before taking the plunge into the startup world. The webinar covers each of these five questions in depth:

Why do I want to work at a startup?

Why do I want to work at this particular startup?

What stage startup am I potentially joining?

Who am I going to be working with every day?

What is the financial state of the startup?

Brooks’ biggest takeaway? Read, read, read. To follow in his footsteps, get a library card and check out all the books you can on whatever industry interests you. Take your education into your own hands. Graziano shared a different approach, emphasizing the value of networking and making yourself useful to people who can in turn provide you with connections.

Graziano added valuable advice on how to dodge a rookie mistake. He says that during the interview process he sees many young, smart candidates who are promising, but they do one thing that causes him to hesitate. That one thing is talking strategy. Most new hires at a startup won’t be brought in at that level, but rather need to demonstrate a willingness to do whatever is necessary to move the business forward in its early state. It’s good to know that potential employers may prefer candidates who are ready to do the legwork and not just talk big picture.

While the webinar content may resonate more with job seekers that have established work histories, newbies will also find useful insight in the webinar discussion.

This article is only a teaser, listen to the full webinar here to learn more. If, after mulling over the questions posed in this webinar, you decide you’d like to join a startup, head over to Lynxsy to get started.

Connie Wong is the Co-Founder of Lynxsy, an organization that strives to match recent grads with non-technical roles at high growth startups. Lynxsy is building a talent marketplace that puts the individuality back into job hiring and searching. They believe that finding the right match takes more than just an interview (it’s kind of like dating) which is why Lynxsy provides a trial period where companies and candidates can get to know each other better before a long-term commitment.

Their vision is to provide a platform that’s not just job-seeking, but career making. A place where startups can find the best junior talent to build the best possible teams, and where recent graduates can get their foot in the door at the best companies to launch their careers. Learn more at

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