Meet Taylor, the Communicator

This fall, the University launched “Georgetown Stories,” a multi-media, first-person, “vlog” (video blog) that will follow 11 undergraduate students throughout the academic year as their Georgetown stories unfold.  Each student’s story will be told through a series of videos, still photography, emails and social media posts with the goal of more intimately connecting everyone in the Georgetown community (both on and off of the Hilltop).  In a series of blog posts this year, ACS student intern Khadijah M. Davis (N’15) will be sharing these stories through the Alumni Career Services lens.

Taylor Soergel (C’17) is a natural communicator from Pittsburgh, PA. She aspires to one day use her gift to cover breaking news stories through journalism or convey messages through work in public relations.

“I love communicating and working with others, so I think a career in public relations would be a great way to utilize that—whether through establishing and maintaining relationships with the media, a company’s shareholders, or the general public.” Taylor says, noting, “I am also an avid writer and love working with social media, which is becoming more and more important in organizations’ abilities to advertise and market their brands to the public.”

Being accepted into Georgetown is Taylor’s proudest accomplishment to date, and it was through the encouragement of mentors in high school that she decided to apply.

“Throughout high school, I had always dreamed of going to Georgetown but never thought I’d get in. I actually wasn’t going to apply because I was too scared of rejection, but my English teacher finally convinced me to give it a try. When I got my acceptance letter, I felt like all of my work throughout high school had finally paid off. It was an incredible feeling.”

Taylor says that this same English teacher, Mr. Caruso, is one of her biggest role models.

“He exudes a passion and love for learning that is truly contagious within his classroom, and he has inspired me to continue to question the world around me and to never settle—whether that means applying to reach schools, working towards my dream career, or demanding genuine, real friendships and being a solid, reliable friend in return.”

Taylor has also been fortunate to find mentors on campus, whether it is through her work with Georgetown Giving or in the classroom. “On campus, my biggest mentor is my boss, Joannah Pickett [Assistant Vice President of Annual Giving]. Joannah inspires me to think outside the box and has the amazing ability to simultaneously balance her career, her family, and her incredible sense of humor while never appearing too busy to help at a moment’s notice.”

Recognizing the importance of mentors and sponsors, Taylor hopes to find one in the field of communications. “I hope to find a mentor who is passionate about their work and holds themselves to values such as honesty and respecting and helping others,” she says. “I want to wake up each day excited to get to work and make a difference, so I want to find that in a mentor, too.”

On campus, Taylor serves as the copy editor of The Voice, Vice President of Breast Cancer Outreach and a member of both Hoya Blue and GIVES. She spends a great deal of her time outside of the classroom exploring the nation’s capital and applying for internships on Capitol Hill. With the guidance of her mentors, she hopes to make the most of her time at Georgetown.

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