The Power of Mentorships and Sponsorships: Guest Post by Connie Wong, Co-Founder of Lynxsy

Highlighting the recent webinar “Get the Meeting! Cultivating Mentors and Sponsors to Move Your Career Forward” with Jason Levin (MBA’06):

My blog topic this week will touch on the recent webinar hosted by the Georgetown Alumni Career Services on the important topic of mentorship and sponsorship. Guest speaker Jason Levin, career coach and speaker with Ready, Set, Launch, LLC—and Georgetown alum—provided a helpful framework for understanding how mentor and sponsor relationships differ and how they can be useful in your career journey.

Levin starts off the webinar by focusing on the basics, saying that “the ‘what do you want to do?’ question is the fundamental question that allows you to help others help you.” He encourages you to think ahead and envision the success you’d like to achieve in the next 18 months. Then break it down into what experiences, skills and relationships you need to get where you want to be in this timeframe.

Mentors are individuals who have related career expertise and wisdom to share; they may or may not be employed in the same company as the mentee. Their role is to help their  mentees get a clearer vision of career options and have a better understanding of what they need to reach that next level.

Sponsors on the other hand may have a different background than you, but tend to be someone from within your workplace. This is a person who may directly influence your career path.

You shouldn’t be looking for just one or the other—Levin encourages his listeners to pursue both types of relationships to reap the benefits each uniquely offers.

To learn more about the value of mentorships and sponsorships, including why you should consider giving back, listen to the whole webinar here.

And if working at a startup is in your 18-month career plan, visit Lynxsy to kickstart your journey.

Register here for Connie’s March 12 webinar on Breaking Into Startups for the Non-Coder.

Connie Wong is the Co-Founder of Lynxsy, an organization that strives to match recent grads with non-technical roles at high growth startups. Lynxsy is building a talent marketplace that puts the individuality back into job hiring and searching. They believe that finding the right match takes more than just an interview (it’s kind of like dating) which is why Lynxsy provides a trial period where companies and candidates can get to know each other better before a long-term commitment.

Their vision is to provide a platform that’s not just job-seeking, but career making. A place where startups can find the best junior talent to build the best possible teams, and where recent graduates can get their foot in the door at the best companies to launch their careers. Learn more at

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