Maximize Your Career Potential with This Little-Known Secret Sauce, with GUAA Career Coaching Partner: Linda Hardenstein

How to Use Feng Shui to Energize Your Career Success:

Are you feeling like you’re in a rut, stuck, or stymied in your career or job search?
Would you like to have an edge, a proven tactic to energize and accelerate your career success?

Gaining Your Powerful, Positive Edge…
This little-known secret sauce works whether you’re searching for a job, in a job, or wanting to change jobs. Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”), the ancient Chinese art of placement, has been around for well over 3,000 years. It isn’t a form of religion, or hocus pocus. It’s a commonsense approach for using the energy in your physical environment to create positive change. Even behavioral scientists and environmental psychology experts agree that shifting your physical environment can be a powerful tool for creating lasting change and for enhancing your wellbeing.
As a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Certified Career Coach I use universally-accepted Feng Shui principles, along with my experience and sensibilities to provide prescriptions to use the energy in your physical environment to broaden, empower, and accelerate your career potential and results by:

  • Unblocking energy that is stuck, stymied and going nowhere so you get results
  • Supporting the attainment of your career goals
  • Energizing the flow of your success
  • Bringing greater balance to your environment and your job search process
  • Opening your energy to expand and attract lucky opportunities
  • Envisioning and manifesting the future career success that you want

For example …

Getting Unstuck to Accelerate Job Search Results

An attorney I worked with was stuck even though she had done everything right in her job search. Offers weren’t coming in fast enough. She asked me to do an on-line Feng Shui analysis of her home office. I discovered that her space was a grave-yard for broken-down printers and computers. No wonder her job search seemed like it was at a dead end! The cure? My remedy included removing those broken-down items, and replacing them with energy-enhancing items to increase the flow. Within two weeks she received an offer. Now she’s happy in her new job and has already been promoted.

Landing a Desired Promotion

A big-firm consultant wanted to be in a leadership position. When I reviewed her space, it was clear that her office didn’t reflect the offices of other leaders in her organization. She agreed to follow my recommendations, which among other things included finding a new home for the stuffed animals that lined the shelves. She replaced the dead plants (which could convey neglect). She put up purposefully-placed framed awards, commendations, and degrees to reflect her accomplishments. It wasn’t long before she received her promotion.

Powering Up An Environment to Achieve Leadership (and Career) Goals

A newly hired leader wanted to up her confidence and reach her goals. One concern was some big wigs from Washington, DC were ignoring her ideas during meetings. An on-line review of her office showed she was putting her guests in the power position (just like the person sitting at the head of a conference table has the perceived power, there are power spots in your office that need to be taken into consideration too!). The solution? Shifting some chairs in her office shifted her interactions. She felt empowered. Her ideas were more readily accepted. With a few more enhancements to her space, she was exceeding fundraising and departmental goals. Impressed the results she received, she hired me to feng shui the offices of four managers so they were empowered and supported in reaching their performance goals too.

Try Some Secret Sauce to Spice Up Your Career Success

Using Feng Shui in combination with career coaching has empowered my clients’ confidence, brought harmony to their spaces and calmed their nerves. It has opened pathways for lucky opportunities to appear as if by magic and made it possible for them to get results and step more fully and quickly into their career potential and dreams for the future.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, if you want to expand your opportunities, if you’re actively searching and offers aren’t coming fast enough, or if you want to more easily accomplish your career goals, a secret sauce like Feng Shui, along with some stellar career coaching can give you an edge that accelerates your ultimate success. Give it a try!

Linda Hardenstein, MPA, Professional Certified Coach guides professionals to find their authentic career, and combined with her Lifescape Feng Shui secret sauce, cures what can be keeping you from greater satisfaction in your career and life. Contact Linda at to schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation. For tips to Feng Shui your home office see “How to Create a Space on The Fly That Is Conducive to Working at Home.”

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