Three Pillars to Support Your Job Search Journey

After creating targeted resumes, your LinkedIn Profile and practicing interview questions, some of my clients fall off the bandwagon. They did what was needed to get ready for the job search, but now what? Now starts the job search process. These marketing materials are essential in today’s virtual age. More importantly, what is needed to keep you motivated every day to look for opportunities and to network? Here are the three key pillars for career transition success.

Emotion. When you are embarking on anything new, it is important to understand what is driving you to do it. WHY are you looking to make this change in your career or your life? Once you have found your answer, I always have my clients ask WHY two more times to get at the real reason. This WHY lies deep in our view of the world and ourselves. It is rooted in emotion. This WHY is a treasure once you find it. It can give you endless energy and focus. The answer we discover shows us what is at stake when looking to make a transition. It makes the change valuable and meaningful. It propels us forward. This WHY changes the way we see ourselves and how we interact in the world. What is your WHY?
People. We all need support during these pandemic times. Humans are social animals that have had to evolve over the last 10 months to create relationships, friendships, and community virtually. Jim Rohn once wrote, “ You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I don’t know if five is the right number but I know that we become like those we associate with. Who are the people in your life right now? Some people are chosen for us (like
family) but others we can choose. Are the people you surround yourself with supporting you? Do you have an accountability partner to share your progress with? By looking at the people in our lives more critically, we can make a choice to connect with someone that can make our transition easier. Who in your network has made a transition recently? Can they mentor you? Do you have a friend who is in a similar situation that you can partner with to stay accountable during your journey? Are there virtual groups that can keep you engaged each step of the way? Do you need to work with a coach? By having people you can turn to and share your career journey with, the process will be easier and more fun. Those people can also help you persevere during moments of frustration or disappointment, which are natural parts of the job-search process. Perseverance will get you anywhere (even to Mars)!
Space. Now that your mind is focused and your support is set, the final step is to create the physical space for change. Being motivated at your desk can be hard when it is cluttered with your current workload or items that are not part of the future you are creating. I cannot count how many client offices I have seen virtually that seemed cluttered, chaotic, and overstimulating.

In order for something new to grow, space and clarity is needed. What are your options for creating a motivating place? Can you clear your current desk or is there another space available that can hold creative energy and be a place of motivation during this time? I had a client who wanted to be a writer who put a desk in an empty closet. He was able to create a place of no distraction. The words came flooding out of him once the distractions of his current life were
By creating the right mindset, enlisting people who support you and having a motivating place to work, your job transition journey will be easier. For many of my clients, these three job search principles become permanent pillars that help them throughout their career. The process is never ending. There is always more to learn about WHY we want to do things, people we can connect with and places that can create clarity and motivation.

Written by: Angelika Sass, GUAA Career Coaching Partner

Angelika Sass (SFS’94) is a values-based coach. She works to create awareness around her clients’ core values and uses this conscious knowledge to support lasting change. In addition to being a Georgetown undergraduate alumna, Angelika earned Certificates from the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies in Leadership Coaching (2011) and in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership (2013). She holds an MBA from Thunderbird, School of Global Management. Angelika holds ICF PCC credentials.

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