GU@SXSW: In Photos

Georgetown had a distinctive presences at SXSW this year! Whitney Pezza, Associate Director of Alumni Career Services moved her office to Austin that week and met a ton of Hoyas along the way. Here are a few highlights. On Wednesday evening (3/5), Provost Robert Groves, CIO Lisa Davis, and Vice Provost Randall Bass met with alumni … Continue reading GU@SXSW: In Photos

Career Infographic Round Up: Our Favorites


Collecting No’s

Tonight's homework: collecting no's.First, I must give credit where credit is due.  Joe Scafidi (B'95) casually mentioned the concept of "collecting no's" when I ran into him an a Hoya networking event. I was immediately and enthusiastically intrigued. In fact, I think I might have scared him with how I reacted to this little exercise. … Continue reading Collecting No’s

The Year Without Pants: Part I

In our blog post a few weeks ago, I talked about the book I'm reading, The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work by Scott Berkun.  I'm a few chapters in and it's already a really interesting read about company culture, how we work, and how we think about our work.    Here's what I've … Continue reading The Year Without Pants: Part I

Pitch Perfect

The elevator pitch. Your matchbox statement. Your tagline. Your brand.  When I think of these I think of something rehearsed and awkward sounding.  Like a kid playing grown up.  Like creating a headline for an online dating site.  Gimicky.  Salesy. An elevator speech doesn't have to be a series of contrived, memorized sentences.  If you … Continue reading Pitch Perfect

Virtual Career Fair How To’s One downside to virtual career fairs  is the lack of fun company stressballs, pens, and mints.  Fortunately, there's an upside: you can wear your PJ's. Last week we posted that we are hosting a virtual career fair for GU alums interested in connecting with startups and small businesses.  According to Market Research Media, the virtual … Continue reading Virtual Career Fair How To’s

Apps We Love… For Work

Evernote - We're still exploring this newly discovered app.  It allows you to create to-do lists, capture ideas, store meeting notes, store photos and then sync them and find them anywhere - tablet, phone, or computer - via a powerful search tool that even searches words in photos.  You can store documents, design and manage … Continue reading Apps We Love… For Work

Top Dog: Gender Differences In Competition

New York Times bestseller and award winning journalist Ashley Merryman (L'98) came back to the Hilltop this week to speak to a group of 100 alums about her new book Top Dog: The Science of Winning & Losing.  After presenting a webinar for us in the spring on the topic, we found that many (many!) … Continue reading Top Dog: Gender Differences In Competition