Six Rules for Effective Networking

Guest Post by: Sandra Buteau, GUAA Coaching Partner If you cringe as soon as you hear the word “networking,” you should know that you are not alone. Many of us in the world feel the same way. During the course of my professional career as a leadership and career coach, networking has been a recurring … Continue reading Six Rules for Effective Networking

Interview with Halo Top President and COO Doug Bouton (COL ’07)

What has been the most rewarding moment of your career? If I had to choose, I think the fact that we employee more than 100 people right now. It's very rewarding to create great jobs for great people. What do you wish you had done earlier in your career? Unfortunately, my "career" has largely been … Continue reading Interview with Halo Top President and COO Doug Bouton (COL ’07)

Phone Interview How To’s

Phone interviews are used more and more as a round one screening process. They are time and cost effective. For the most part, preparation is similar to a regular interview. Do your research. Connect with the interviewer. Give specific examples.  Know your story.  Know your strengths.  Listen. Ask questions. Send a thoughtful thank you note. … Continue reading Phone Interview How To’s