The Class of 2020 and the Job Market

Not since the classes of 2009 and 2010 has a group of graduates entered a job market as constrained as that for the class of 2020. Indeed, the jobless ranks are much larger than any other time in US history. Georgetown consists not just of a set of degree programs producing graduates, but a community … Continue reading The Class of 2020 and the Job Market

Lawyers: Maximizing Your Mobility

Guest Post by: Inti Knapp As legal recruiters, we work closely with employers to fulfill their lateral attorney hiring needs. Without exception, when legal industry employers describe their ideal candidate to us, they specify the following three criteria: Level of Experience In the legal job market, it’s possible to have “too much” experience because more … Continue reading Lawyers: Maximizing Your Mobility

More Than Just Salary: Job Benefits to Consider

Negotiating your job offer is about more than just salary.  In order to truly understand your total compensation and bottom line in your bank account here are a few things to consider: 1.  Retirement Benefits How much does the company contribute and how? Is it a pension or 401k plan?  Do you need to wait … Continue reading More Than Just Salary: Job Benefits to Consider

85% of Jobs Are Found Through Weak Ties

... In other words,  connections of connections... friends of friends... In the late 60's Mark Granovetter became famous for uncovering the strength of weak ties in job searches. Basically, your friends of friends are going to be more helpful than your friends when job searching.   LinkedIn came along in 2003 and has made this … Continue reading 85% of Jobs Are Found Through Weak Ties

Cover Letter 101

Cover letters can feel a bit like your job search thesis. It serves not only as your story, but a writing sample. Think of it this way, if you can’t write about yourself—a subject about which you are the undisputed expert—in an articulate and compelling way, how can you write something for a client or an … Continue reading Cover Letter 101

Starting A New Job? Tips for Making the Transition

Starting a new job?  The first few weeks can be a combination of being overwhelmed and bored all at the same time! It's not always possible to truly "hit the ground running" - you may not own your projects fully quite yet and you haven't learned just how to get things done in the company … Continue reading Starting A New Job? Tips for Making the Transition

Virtual Career Fair How To’s One downside to virtual career fairs  is the lack of fun company stressballs, pens, and mints.  Fortunately, there's an upside: you can wear your PJ's. Last week we posted that we are hosting a virtual career fair for GU alums interested in connecting with startups and small businesses.  According to Market Research Media, the virtual … Continue reading Virtual Career Fair How To’s