85% of Jobs Are Found Through Weak Ties

... In other words,  connections of connections... friends of friends... In the late 60's Mark Granovetter became famous for uncovering the strength of weak ties in job searches. Basically, your friends of friends are going to be more helpful than your friends when job searching.   LinkedIn came along in 2003 and has made this … Continue reading 85% of Jobs Are Found Through Weak Ties

Virtual Career Fair How To’s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwufa_ohMP4 One downside to virtual career fairs  is the lack of fun company stressballs, pens, and mints.  Fortunately, there's an upside: you can wear your PJ's. Last week we posted that we are hosting a virtual career fair for GU alums interested in connecting with startups and small businesses.  According to Market Research Media, the virtual … Continue reading Virtual Career Fair How To’s