What’s at Stake, Up and Down

Guest Post by: Fred Jones, GUAA Coaching Partner Most of the bosses you’ve had probably fall toward the middle of this contrast: between whether you felt they made it easier or harder to do your thing as a leader. If you’ve had enough bosses, as I’ve had, there’s also at least one on each extreme. … Continue reading What’s at Stake, Up and Down

Interview with Dirigo Advisors Founder Patrick McGinnis

Full Name & Georgetown School and Year Patrick J. McGinnis, SFS ‘98 Professional Title & Organization Author, The 10% Entrepreneur and Founder, Dirigo Advisors Career What has been the most rewarding moment of your career? Combining all of the experiences and lessons learned from investing in fast growing companies on five continents into a book … Continue reading Interview with Dirigo Advisors Founder Patrick McGinnis

Frustrated? No One Cares

Guest Post by: Carrie Arnold, GUAA Coaching Partner Frustration is the wallpaper of life. It is the ‘go-to’ emotional word we all tend to use when we feel less than positive or neutral about something. It encompasses everything. We are frustrated with the number on the scale, heavy traffic, too many emails, how our boss … Continue reading Frustrated? No One Cares

Building Your Reputation. Stand Out to Get In.

Guest Post by: Jen Dalton for Brand Mirror What is a personal brand, and why does it even matter? Put simply, your brand is your reputation. It’s the words that people think of to define you. It’s how relevant you are, and what conversations you are a part of. It’s how you stand out from … Continue reading Building Your Reputation. Stand Out to Get In.

How To Handle Difficult Conversations

Guest Post by: Christine Brown-Quinn, The Female Capitalist Do you shy away from having those conversations that are truly uncomfortable, whether that be about a pay rise, performance or a particular conflict situation? Have you ever over-practiced the conversation in your head, and in the end hesitated to actually deliver the message as the timing no … Continue reading How To Handle Difficult Conversations

Creating a High Performance Organization Culture

Guest Post by: Susan Levine (I'89) There is a strong correlation between highly engaged employees and high performance organizations. Our people are our assets, our engine and our lifeblood. And no one would dispute the fact that our long term success will be driven by our ability to attract, retain, motivate and develop the best … Continue reading Creating a High Performance Organization Culture

Speaking Tips: Last Things First

Guest Post by: Dean Brenner (C'91), The Latimer Group Have you ever led a meeting, handed out the slide deck, began discussing the topic and while still on slide 1 or 2, most of your audience has already flipped to the last slide? I’m sure you’ve seen this before… Perhaps you’ve been the one flipping to … Continue reading Speaking Tips: Last Things First

From Surviving to Thriving

Guest Post by: Linda Hardenstein "I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I do know this isn’t it.” It’s frustrating to be unsure about your career path, or to be unhappy at work. Especially when you have talent, knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute. “Making it Work” Doesn’t Work Being miserable in your career … Continue reading From Surviving to Thriving