Interview with Dirigo Advisors Founder Patrick McGinnis

Full Name & Georgetown School and Year Patrick J. McGinnis, SFS ‘98 Professional Title & Organization Author, The 10% Entrepreneur and Founder, Dirigo Advisors Career What has been the most rewarding moment of your career? Combining all of the experiences and lessons learned from investing in fast growing companies on five continents into a book … Continue reading Interview with Dirigo Advisors Founder Patrick McGinnis

Building Your Reputation. Stand Out to Get In.

Guest Post by: Jen Dalton for Brand Mirror What is a personal brand, and why does it even matter? Put simply, your brand is your reputation. It’s the words that people think of to define you. It’s how relevant you are, and what conversations you are a part of. It’s how you stand out from … Continue reading Building Your Reputation. Stand Out to Get In.

Six Rules for Effective Networking

Guest Post by: Sandra Buteau, GUAA Coaching Partner If you cringe as soon as you hear the word “networking,” you should know that you are not alone. Many of us in the world feel the same way. During the course of my professional career as a leadership and career coach, networking has been a recurring … Continue reading Six Rules for Effective Networking

Lawyers: Maximizing Your Mobility

Guest Post by: Inti Knapp As legal recruiters, we work closely with employers to fulfill their lateral attorney hiring needs. Without exception, when legal industry employers describe their ideal candidate to us, they specify the following three criteria: Level of Experience In the legal job market, it’s possible to have “too much” experience because more … Continue reading Lawyers: Maximizing Your Mobility