Cover Letter 101

Cover letters can feel a bit like your job search thesis. It serves not only as your story, but a writing sample. Think of it this way, if you can’t write about yourself—a subject about which you are the undisputed expert—in an articulate and compelling way, how can you write something for a client or an … Continue reading Cover Letter 101

Top 5 Issues We See in Alumni Resume Reviews

Did you know Alumni Career Services provides free virtual resume and cover letter reviews?   You can simply submit your resume and/or cover letter to with a brief description of the types of things you will be using it for and a member of our staff with respond via email with a critique within … Continue reading Top 5 Issues We See in Alumni Resume Reviews

Job Posting Site Roundup

There are a million job search and job posting websites out there... I have found that I continually recommend a few to people depending on their interest areas. Here they are: GU Alumni Job Postings- General - Higher Education - Non Profit - Publishing - Journalism - Philanthropy - Local … Continue reading Job Posting Site Roundup